Hiding In The Ice Inspires Nibble

 Zodiac Tribes Inspires Nibble;

Cleaver would not be a word to express the destruction he had displayed.  A raw display of devastation and cruelty.  He knew much and was a master of many. Capricious was at the height of his evolution. The lessons he taught about power came with his silent presence.  Reputation is everything and honor is unimportant flaw. Among his students there was one that was the uncommon to his people since she knew compassion. Capricious massive form now rises from his seat. ” Aireila, take your stance,” status of the room raises, the vapor in the turns to mist. The rings of lights surround them beginning the lesson on dispersion.

Image source: Hiding in the ice by ~Gugu-troll on deviantART.

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